Wow, really realistic vector art!

The pic below is vector. Don’t believe me? Hit it to open it big and it should magnify even more when you click on it again. This comes from Egba94’s Deviant Art page.  Oh man, I hope the ’94 part doesn’t mean he/she was born that year… Oye, my art could be getting schooled by high schoolers.


9 thoughts on “Wow, really realistic vector art!

  1. Lucky says:

    meh… i stoped caring for the realistic imititations. and I dont see why this is demonstrating good knolledge of art. good knowledge of illustrator yes, but if you ask the kid to draw her without the photo i doubt he’ll do a good job

  2. hunter says:

    it looks great but as lucky said first i´d love to know if she can draw without any references, for me drawing with a photo besides you is not really drawing is copying, which is not something bad sometimes you need to do it, but at the end it´s copying. Also i´d like to know if she build the whole picture from scratch or if she converted an original picture into vectors and then just retouched it, if she build it from scratch it was a great job if she converted it first and then fix it then it wasn´t too much work.

  3. Lalo says:

    The digital artist is Eduardo Guerra, a male brazilian… 15 years old! Maybe he is copying a photo or whatever, but that is not easy. Try to do it and you will see that is not a piece of cake…

  4. Yeah reproducing a photo this good in any program shows talent. Vector or otherwise. You’ll see way more really bad attempts on Deviant than really good ones like this. I’m impressed.

  5. Lucky says:

    yep it does, but I’ve done quite a lot of these when I was younger and i found that it did not improve my artistic skill one bit. Just improved how fast I worked and with memorizing shortcut keys

  6. One of the easiest ways to create a vector image from a JPEG is Open Flash > Import to Stage > select image > Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap > Settings: 1, 1, Very Tight, Many Corners. Takes a bit, but if you have the time to wait it’s pretty high-quality.

  7. dessiebabe says:

    I don’t care whether he copied it from a photo, converted from a photo or did it all from scratch, credit where credit is due! Vector art is not easy and this is one very slick job! And he’s only 15 years old! awesome.

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