Here’s a new freelance term I learned today…

(drumroll)…Scope Creep! And it just became my favorite freelancer lingo of all time. Did I hear someone just say “Scope Creep: The iPhone Game” ?

Anyway, below is a clipping from the full article at , a site of seemingly unlimited info for the freelance enthusiast. Top right of the site has your usual methods of subscribing (I get their updates via email, ever heard of it?).

Some clients just keep asking for a little more: a four page website design can turn into a design plus copy or even a design plus copy plus marketing. It often happens just a little request at a time, as the scope of the project creeps ever larger. Scope creep isn’t always an entirely bad thing, of course. As long as your clients are willing to pay for the work that goes along with a bigger project, it can be beneficial. Depending on the situation, there are several responses you can offer to a client with a case of scope creep….  Read More.


2 thoughts on “Here’s a new freelance term I learned today…

  1. banjar says:

    One of the reasons that I like checking in to your blog every day or two, is for all the great info and animation info found here.

    “Scope creep”!!! And here all of this time I thought that the client was trying to squeeze in more work for free.

    So, I guess you are saying that there are better ways to add to the bottom line than by calling him a cheap, chiseling bastard.

  2. ana says:

    oh yeh … scopecreep! When I first heard that one I knew it was gOOOOd. Been using that term for years since then and it stops my clients in their tracks… or at least, their project managers!

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