Nearly 3 hours added to the iPhone Game Development series

Hot off my hard drive, I just uploaded the next session (part 2 of 6) in the iPhone game development tutorial series (<lotta words for google there). If you’ve already bought the course, you should have just gotten an email with updated download links.

This week focuses on creating what could be considered half a game. You’ll learn to…

  • Setup a view controller with multiple views (a setting screen and main game screen)
  • NSArrays and NSMutableArrays to store UIImages for animated image sequences.
  • NSTimers for the main game loop
  • Collision Detections with CGRectIntersectsRect or using an object’s center.x or center.y values
  • More on variables, methods, and communicating among classes.
  • And questions from  session 1 addressed in a 30 minute intro movie.


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