Only the unsexy in the App Store now.

Since some of you will hopefully be developing apps over the next few weeks, this is relevant news. Apple chucked out 5000 apps recently for racy content like bikinis, tight shorts, cleavage, or anything sexy that you might regularly see in a movie, TV ad, supermarket magazine stand, billboard, or in “real life” like on vacation or at school or the mall or looking out the window while in the car… Anything a boy’s eye might venture toward, is gone. More details here.

A developer from ChilliFresh was able to speak with someone at Apple and got back this list of “don’ts”…

  • No images of women bikinis or ice skating tights.
  • No sexual connotations or innuendo, signifying sex etc.
  • Nothing that is sexually arousing.
  • “No skin (he seriously said this. I asked if a Burqa was OK, and the Apple guy got angry),” added blogger Jonau at ChilliFresh.

So to everyone participating in my iPhone tutorial series, keep this in mind for your apps later on. And for the rest of you, the consumers of such products as the iPad, iPod, or iPhone, to make your day a tad sexier just look up.  There’s even some constellations that get pretty, pretty  wild.


7 thoughts on “Only the unsexy in the App Store now.

  1. The equation is very simple. Despite the fact that the store is his and he is entitled to sell there what he wants, consumers will feel deprived of free will, censored and will move somewhere else. Many developers may feel the same, if not even before consumers.

  2. What they should have done is made it so any “objectional content” was no longer free. So if anyone under 18 had free reign to buy stuff from the store, at least their parents would have known with a receipt from Apple. Which actually happens anyway for free stuff. But even if an app costs a dollar, it eliminates a lot of downloading.

    And apparently the big bitch from parents was the screengrabs themselves in the App Store, which makes absolutely no sense why Apple didn’t disallow those to begin with. If the App has a 17+ rating, gee, ya think the screenshots should maybe be hidden.

    So yes, the developers are being punished for some discretion Apple should have had to begin with. Mind you, nothing in the store is any more racy than a Google Image search for almost ANY word.

  3. I think you still gotta play the numbers game. The iPhone & iPod Touch blow away the Android right now in units. Android is “supposed” to do 2-3 million in its first year. Whereas the iPhone is already got 42mil (here’s where I’m seeing that… ) Not including the iPod Touch, which is probably another 50 million.

    Plus how many iPhone consumers are actually going to jump ship to the Android. I’d say 90% of iPhone users are married to that phone.

  4. Shits, most of my games will violent and vulgar. Will that be a problem, when importing it to the iphone. Is their an alternative, app store that’s not run by Steve J?

  5. The app store definitely doesn’t have violent restrictions. You’ll even self-rate the application when you submit it, and they give you options for Gore/Violence/Blood ranging from None, Mild, Intense.

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