New Tutorials and templates!

New stuff hath arrived! One course is taught by me, the Animated Stills tutorial, which will help you transform your illustration or photos into moving pictures. Tons of realistic atmospheric FX are taught, and if you haven’t mastered animating in Flash yet, all the basic to advanced techniques are taught.
And Manuel has returned with a lesson on 3D Game Art, which goes over every step in designing a very cool looking Flash game starting with Blender and Photoshop. If you aren’t interested in learning code, well good news, none is taught. Its strictly an art lesson.
We also have four more templates, two website gallery templates, and two others, a Banner Rotator component and 3D Cover Flow template. All of which are very cool and Tibi (the author of all these) is getting ever more advanced with the level of customization that can be done through just the XML file. With all his templates, you really don’t need to edit the .fla (but its always included)
And that discount code mentioned last week to get Animate for only $399 has been extended until March 7…(enter ANIFEB10 over at Toon Boom’s site when buying)
More details on everything is here at the usual spot….

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