iPhone Game Development Session 3 Details

I should have posted this Sunday night, but I’m like a kid that finishes his homework and leaves a cartoon smoke cloud shaped like myself to evaporate while I’m already skipping down the street to play elsewhere…. But I have realized the fun of selling these release-over-time courses, since  I can basically teach, upload, and go. Hopefully you all are enjoying this new format. Feedback anyone?

Anyway, below is a final summary of what Session 3 in my iPhone game dev course was all about. And for those keeping track, the total runtime of part 1,2 & 3 is over 8 hours and we’re only at the halfway point. Is that an excessive amount of stuff to learn?? Might seem that way, but I spent a lot of an entire YEAR fumbling my way through various training books and sites, so hopefully I’ve condensed that down into these relatively concise sessions…

Session 3, Part 1 had two videos:

Provisioning the iPhone

  • Learn how to setup Xcode to test applications on the phone itself (previous lessons used the Simulator)
  • Also talked about are possible issues in this process. What not to do basically.

Accelerometer Basics

  • Use the iPhone’s Accelerometer to create gravity/tilt based games
  • Learn how to realistically roll a pinball around on a table and collide with bumpers

Session 3: Part 2 – Touches n’ Taps Tutorial

  • Detect multiple touches or swipes to move objects around
  • Write code based on orientation (if the phone is held in portrait or landscape mode)
  • Use timers to move objects randomly on stage
  • Hide the iphone status bar (that part with the battery and cell coverage)


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