Will CS5 be the fix for IK in Flash

Chris at Keyframer.com has glimmer of hope…

As most of us know, Adobe introduced Bones (inverse kinematics) to Flash CS4. What most of us may not know is that the IK span (created when using the Bones tool) supports the control of graphic symbols containing nested animations. Why would you not know that? Because there seems to be a legit bug in Flash CS4 that doesn’t update the symbols on the stage when changing the frame that you want to be displayed. So, if you have tried experimenting with this, you may have assumed it doesn’t work. In reality it does work, it’s just a stage core issue because if you publish or test your movie you will see the appropriate frames updated in the player. If you save. close and re-open the FLA you will see the changes updated on the stage.
Fortunately this has now been fixed for CS5 (not released yet as of this writing). What this means is, we can use inverse kinematics for character animation and control the frames of nested graphic symbols and see these changes updated on the Flash stage.

Read the rest over at his site, complete with some animations proving this fix (I’m assuming he’s using the CS5 Beta)!


5 thoughts on “Will CS5 be the fix for IK in Flash

  1. Ranoka says:

    I wonder if they’ve fixed it so that we can scale and skew the symbols in the IK span during the tween.

  2. Rommel says:

    What angers me is how Adobe is planning to fix this is in Cs5, and leave those with CS4 with this half a$$ed version of an IK. They should give those who bought CS4 a free upgrade like Microsoft did when they realized that Vista was not worth a crap.

    Seems that the days of Patches or updates to fix things is fading out. I guess it’s not enough monetary gain in doing that. How can you do that? how can you say, “well sorry that the IK, which was our main pitch when advertsing CS4 is broken, but for another $400 you can upgrade to cs5 and have a good working version.”

    Gimme a break. I want Macromedia Back!

  3. Thats a great point Rommel. I’m not positive Adobe even considers the CS4 version of IK to be a bug though. I would love to get some insider info on how it was released in its current condition and what animators were beta (or alpha) testing it saying “this is great”.

    Whatever, I feel like its beating a dead horse at this point. I’d love to see Flash become a great animation toolkit, but even if I expect the best from CS5, it probably won’t come close to what Animate already does.

  4. rommel says:

    Yup, you said it justin, ANIMATE. The learning curve has not been as … let’s just say not as easy as it was with flash.
    However, if you’ve ever had or get the chance to play with that camera, or ik, you will be hooked!

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