Animate 2 coming soon!

My favorite character animation software is getting an upgrade soon. I’ll have a full review of it as soon as my days and nights aren’t overwhelmed with finishing up this iPhone course. So in the meantime, have a look at the official announcement on their site…

Oh, and I just got an email from John Oliver at with a nicely-stylized piece he did using Animate…


5 thoughts on “Animate 2 coming soon!

  1. Toon Boon Animate is a great animation software, probably the best for home users. But there is something very disappointing about it and is not very widely exposed: it’s a one-seat-license.

    It means you can’t have it on your desktop and laptop at same time. Every time you switch computer you must deactivate the license and re-activate again. Very annoying from a software which cost me almost $ 1,000 (ok, now it’s cheaper).

    This is the ONLY reason I’m not upgrading. When software companies try to fight piracy this way usually who loses is who bought a original license while pirates can have it on as many computers as they want to. I feel very disrespected as customer when this happen.

  2. I didn’t know that but I would contact them and explain pretty much what you wrote above and see what they say. I would be surprised if they didn’t help out and extend your license. Obviously Toon Boom knows that users have more than one computer these days, so it might just be standard policy to make everything a one-seat license and then for those customers that request different (complain), they bend the rules. I really don’t know though, so don’t hold me to that, but it won’t hurt to ask.

  3. I tried to aware Toon Boon about this problem through their forums. They say it’s an one-seat-license and period. I even asked in their blog ‘Better Flash Animation’ if Animate 2 would come with the same kind of license, but they simply deleted my comment, and it wasn’t an angry comment about them as my previous comment in this post.

    I do love Animate, it’s a joy to use its brushes. Probably I would buy it even if I knew it’s is a one-seat before. But Toon Boon surely could be more clear about it, I wasn’t happy to find out after buying it.

  4. Eric Pratt says:

    I got the same thing from them when I asked about the one seat license. Granted you can use it on multiple computers but the deactivation/activation is a pain in the butt. What happens if you have it on your laptop and your someplace that doesn’t have internet, how are you going to activate it?

    The only good thing is I managed to upgrade from studio 3.5 to animate for $299. Not pro but it’s a step in the right direction. Now I just have to watch Justin’s videos to learn the program!! Will you have any animate 2 for newbies videos coming out when they finally release the software?

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