iPhone Tutorial Session 6: The Beginning of the End.

So I’m still waiting for the non-Beta edition of the iPhone SDK 3.2 to wrap up the entire series, but since its been a couple weeks, I released part 1 of session 6 last night. This is a one hour tutorial on in-App Purchases, which you can use to make your game free, then hopefully get some users to pay for the deluxe version via a button within the game. Its Apple’s recommended way of doing things now, vs. having two separate versions of the same game on the iTunes Store. And I think its probably how most users would prefer it too. Plus as you can imagine, free games get downloaded somewhere between 10 times more often and a million times more often than paid games.

The first 30 minutes or so of the tutorial talks about what you need to setup within iTunes Connect and the Program Portal. And the last 30 minutes go into the actual code for making the purchase and checking for past purchases when the app opens again. All in all, its probably one of the easier things we’ve done in the course (99% of the code is written for ya) but a lot of first half talks about the “gotcha’s” that will drive you crazy if you don’t build with the right settings.

As before, you can find out details on all 6 sessions in this iPhone tutorial series right here.


8 thoughts on “iPhone Tutorial Session 6: The Beginning of the End.

  1. This is very far off subject, but out of curiosity have you ever used Swift 3D and/or plan on making any tutorials for it? I know it decently well, but I’m sure there’s thousands of things I don’t know about it.

  2. yeah I’m sure Swift has matured quite a lot since I last checked in with it. Once this iPhone course is done though, I’ve got to get back to some Toon Boom tutorials. Got some good plans too I think.


  3. Oh nice, I’ll look forward to the Toon Boom tutorials, I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play around with it too much. Been busy trying to get a cartoon done for the Animation Attack Festival in August.

    I had my company get me Swift 3D v6.0 and Swift XPress Flash Plug-in last week, it hasn’t changed too much from what I can tell.

  4. Yeah definitely. Beta is probably not a great term for the 3.2 SDK now. I doubt it needs any fixing, especially since Apple just released a few thousand iPad apps that were all made with it. I’m not sure why they haven’t called it official yet. Maybe they will wait for this first week of massive users playing with the Apps and see what updates the developers are making and why.

  5. Should have part 2 ( of 3) by the end of the week. Street fighter style, since Zelda was beyond me. Proper map tiling and collision detection needs more attention

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