100 Apps made with AIR

Here’s another article about Flash CS5 exporting to the App format. There’s nothing that new to report, other than maybe the number of apps in the store made with CS5, its up to 100 now. Although one thing I hadn’t noticed before, the author writes “Flash PRO CS5″, so I guess Adobe is doing the whole Professional and non-pro versioning of Flash again. I don’t think I ever checked what features were lacking in the non-Pro CS4. Anyone know? Or better, did anyone actually buy the non-Pro version somehow. I don’t remember seeing it as an option. Anyway, I think a game dev series about AIR will have to be forthcoming. I got two emails this week about a memory card game, so I think we can start there.

By the way, CS5 is launching SOON. Check out the big countdown clock… http://cs5launch.adobe.com/ …The puppet warp sneak peak for Photoshop is pretty darn cool.


3 thoughts on “100 Apps made with AIR

  1. Ranoka says:

    Hey Justin, I believe that the official names for CS3 and CS4 are “Adobe Flash CS3 Professional” and “Adobe Flash CS4 Professional”. I don’t think there are alternative “standard” versions, like they did with Flash 8. I think that’s just the official name for Flash. It does make it easier to distinguish between the Player and the authoring tool that way… I guess.

    I didn’t watch it but “puppet warp” sounds a bit like what they have in After Effects.

    Looking forward to the official CS5 unveiling, hopefully some of our wishes will be answered. Like a more stable, and less buggy/crashy authoring tool 😀

  2. Eslam says:

    Hey Justin, As Ranoka Siad, there is NOT non-Pro CS4 , the official names for CS4 is “Adobe Flash CS4 Professional”

  3. Ha, too funny. A good example of over-doing it on the adjectives. You’d think by now they would have just dropped the Professional part since its outgrown the original usage.

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