My not-so-super-secret iPad App

So for anyone taking my iPhone game development tutorial series, you may have noticed the word “werewolf” appearing in Recent Projects or as an app icon in the Simulator. Well, I refrained from mentioning what I was up to because I don’t really need to be advertising within a tutorial. But now that I’ve caught you slacking off reading blogs, I’ll app-spam ya.  Here goes…

I made an iPad app you should download!!! (Its free too) Here’s the iTunes link.

You can read more about it at the game’s official blog here . But I’ll real quick say this, its a Werewolf or Mafia style game (note: not that Mafia Wars Facebook thing). This is an iPad version of the party game where you sit in a circle with friends and kill each other off as villagers or werewolves. If you’ve never played it, you’re missing out.

And obviously when the iPhone dev course finally wraps up I’ll have some notes to share regarding submitting an iPad app to be approved by Apple. I was a forum troll the last couple weeks reading what other developers were going through to get their apps approved for the initial launch, and there’s a few minor things they are rejecting apps for. The main thing to know now if you’re creating an iPad app is that you should support all 4 orientations (landscape left and right, portrait and portrait upside down) unless you have a damn good reason for not changing the orientation. I only read one post where a developer was able to persuade Apple that his app shouldn’t right-itself when it changed orientation. His was some kind of music instrument, so it makes sense to always have the keys of a keyboard in the same place.

CartoonSmart's Werewolf iPad Game


7 thoughts on “My not-so-super-secret iPad App

  1. Tylor Skory says:

    I have never heard of this type of game before… I’m downloading it now however and plan on playing it with the family tonight! Awesome, thanks 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, I’ve been slacking ever since too. It marginally up’s couch productivity, but lessens it too in the amount of cool stuff there is to play with. The Netflix app is awesome.

  3. IrishFire says:

    I love, love, love werewolf, and bought the lackluster version for the iPhone. We love it, but I’ve played analog Werewolf and know how much better the game can be with more options. This one looks STUNNING! Alas, I’m unwilling to pay $501 for it . . . how difficult would it be to port your game for iPhone/iPod compatibility?

    Many thanks, and congratulations on a good-looking game!

  4. Thanks Irish! I’m developing an iPhone/iPod Touch version also. I just wanted to get the iPad version out for the launch so I put all effort into that one first.

    Appreciate it!

  5. Tyler says:

    I got my hands on a demo unit at the university and installed the app, I thought it was great and so did everyone I showed it to. There were several people who said they hadn’t even thought about games of this sort being playable on an electronic device, but that you did it so well they had a bunch of new ideas floating around in their heads. Kudos for inspiring creativity and developing a great app!

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