New Vimeo Animate Tutorials!

Hey Howdy Hey! I’ve just gotten done adding two new videos to CartoonSmart’s Animate channel on Vimeo. The cooler looking video (based on the preview image) is the one with the old western dude and this was done by Justin Cook who will be spearheading some character templates and tutorials with Animate. And the second video (this one) was recorded by yours truly, and features some of the new stuff in Animate 2.

What’s that you say? There’s an Animate 2 out!?!?! Yep, it launched while I was on vacation recently, and I didn’t get a chance to properly announce it here. Sorry Toon Boom.  But now you can watch me talk at length about it in the video. The highlights include a much-appreciated Text tool, better SWF previewing and exporting (with Filter FX), new Sound display (which I’ll tackle in a future video dedicated entirely to the topic of lip sync), Blending FX and finer color tuning. Also because its been a while since I taught an Animate lesson I had to remind myself of a few things I’d forgotten, so I threw in some general Animate instruction as well, in case you’re rusty too.


4 thoughts on “New Vimeo Animate Tutorials!

  1. The Founder says:

    Hey man what’s going on with Mows? You haven’t updated in forever, it’s still going though right?

    Hope everything’s ok!

  2. banjar says:

    More great tutorials from CartoonSmart !

    I hope you two Justines go into ALL of the powers of Toon Boom Animate so I can get the same skill level as I learned from studying CartoonSmart Flash tutorials.

    So with two Justines teaching the courses, how do we not get confused by the names?

    Justine-Big-Kahuna and Justin-British-Kahuna?

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