Animate Pro 2 is here! Get your 3D Glasses ready

I just got a hold of Animate Pro 2 yesterday so I don’t have any tutorials yet, but I’ll have some fun stuff ahead. The last version of Animate Pro had true 3D so to add some icing on that cake they’ve included 3D Stereoscopic cameras. Here’s their official description…

Combined with true vision, Toon Boom Animate Pro is the only application that enables you to have left and right cameras set from different points of view to achieve 3D stereoscopic results, all within the same package. Flying through your scene adjusting speed in real-time makes you want to dive in your own animated world and enjoy the ride.

That sounds awesome. I guess I’ll have to figure out on my own if I need to use the red and blue glasses like the ones in the pic below that I swiped from their site, or if I can use those polarized ones from the theater. Wait, don’t laugh at me. I know those polarized glasses involve a lot more technology than just exporting out a Quicktime from Animate, but there will inevitably be some prosumer software before long that makes it so I can rip a Blu-ray or DVD with two video channels for the onslaught of 3D TV’s that are right around the corner.

Click here or below for the full list of new features or enhancements in AP2 (< can we make that acronym a regular “thing” ? )


2 thoughts on “Animate Pro 2 is here! Get your 3D Glasses ready

  1. Gregory says:

    The price for an upgrade from Animate to Animate Pro leaves this software in the professional studio domain. After all, the professional studios are all competing with one another for animated cartoons with the best Wow factor. I can do what I want to do with Animate and Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. I use animation as an educational tool so I don’t need to Wow the kiddies, just amaze the adults.

    With that said, I doubt that the professional studios are going to need tutorials for Animate Pro where-as us little guys need tutorials for Animate.

    So, I hope CartoonSmart can fill the need with the same quality and depth of knowledge that you produced with your Flash tutorials. You guys turned me into a Flash expert. But then, once I discovered Animate, why would I want to mess around with Flash since I animate for film and video and not for the web?

    The downside is, now I’m back at square one with trying to learn Animate. 😦

    Well, okay, maybe at square two. Help, CartoonSmart, where are your Animate tutorials. My money is burning a hole in my credit card. Heeeeelp!!!!!

  2. Yeah $1200 is quite an upgrade price from Animate to Animate Pro. But as you say, it is priced more for the professional studios. Next tutorial will definitely focus on both Animate and Animate Pro. Its a good point, I don’t want to make lessons that most of you can’t partake in.

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