HTML5 recommended by 2022.

Thats the good news from this Barron’s article. Actually it was a commenter that pasted this in from HTML5’s wiki

Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML5 specification, expects the specification to reach the W3C Candidate Recommendation stage during 2012, and W3C Recommendation in the year 2022 or later.

The Barron’s article just basically says that Adobe won’t be tinkering with Flash CS5’s app exporter anymore. It will still come with the program though, like some kind of software ghost town. Undoubtably there will be some clueless people that are total unaware of conversations like this one and think this feature works, so Adobe really should just program in a digital ghost town to launch if you try to hit the export-to-app button. Your avatar could wander around town and meet up with other newbies that help you discover clues about why you’ve been sent there.

Anyway, if you do read more of the comments on Barron’s, you’ll see that Apple is NOT winning the hearts and minds of the people. And mind you, Barron’s isn’t a Flash enthusiast blog either. Here’s one of Apple’s responses…

“Someone has it backwards–it is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and H.264 (all supported by the iPhone and iPad) that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary,” said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller in a statement.

This made me laugh, as the iPad and iPhone are two of the most closed computing environments ever. There is nothing you can use on them that hasn’t had the gate opened by Apple. Sure there’s thousands of free apps you can install on them, but each one has been approved by Apple (or disapproved initially and then eventually approved). And the non-free stuff, Apple wets its beak on to the tune of 30%.  And as we all know the internet (via Safari) is only half there without Flash. So I wouldn’t call that an “open” experience.

And to call Flash “closed and proprietary” is crazy. There’s tons of software that creates swf files, which I’ve never heard Adobe fight against. And when those are put online, they aren’t closed. You don’t need to pay for them, they are free. What Apple has done though is make App development closed and proprietary by cutting off everyone that doesn’t use their stuff to make Apps ( which is a $99 fee too)

Anyway, I gotta call out Apple on this one. When the spokespeople start in on their spin, it makes me miss the frankness of Steve Jobs just saying “no” to whether his stuff will support Flash.


8 thoughts on “HTML5 recommended by 2022.

  1. John says:

    If apple cant get flash to run properly in Safari what chance have they got getting it to work on the ipod, phone or ipad.
    The day apple figure out there flash bug, flash will become the best thing since sliced bread.

  2. Ok so what is the conclusion of that article that html5 will be fully supported in 2022 or what I don’t get it?

    Oh an APPLE will go down if they will continue like this. I was going to buy a MAC pro but because of this flash not supported thing.. I invested about 4000$ in a custom make workstation with windows 7 , I can tell you this, I don’t think that there is a MAC out there that has a better performance then my little monster:) and is 3 times cheaper.

    Like Lee Brimelow’ said “Screw you apple”!

  3. inkiinki says:

    I must say I do disagree with you. I say this because there is a difference between an open standard and an open platform.

    They use open standards for the web and if you or anyone so chooses you can create a web application using open standards. Yes apple platform is closed as is their preference to be closed. They only control what goes on their platform and really I think I prefer this. As most apps that have been written are written for the iPhone and iPad and they work well not saying all things are perfect. look at it this way do you let any person who shows up at your house in the door or do you select who comes in. Your home is yours you decide who come in and who stays out. Unlike a public space where anyone is allowed in you are selective about who comes in your home.

    Why all this issue about Flash on the iPhone can you list the phones that Flash runs on Now and runs well on name one? I have not seen one as of yet so if you going to bash Apple you need to spread that love around to the other handsets also.

    Also Most Adobe products are bloated and eat a lot of space and resources on theMac it has a larger footprint on the mac than on the PC. I know from first hand experience I have a Mac at home and I work on a PC at my job I run Flash on both and I know that Flash runs faster on the PC because Adobe optimized it for the PC. A decision Adobe made when apple was down in the mid 90’s and this has not changed (not flash just Adobe software in General). This happens anytime a software is optimized for one system and is then ported over to another, extra code is added to ensure it works and therefor increases the size when it is recompiled. So the machine that the port was for will never run the program as efficient as the optimized machine will. I have friends that program and this is not an issue at all for them they say if you are a programmer you will be able to adjust and you go where the market is.

    I believe Apple wants you to build Native application for their products and if you want it to run on something else port it to that platform as opposed to it Apple receiving ported apps. This has been the case with Adobe since the decided to focus on the PC market. Which to me actually makes perfect sense from a business perspective. Adobe and apple needed each other in the late 80’s and 90’s. It was business then and it is business now.

    Let me add one last thing I do not agree with apple not allowing the Flash player I believe it should be an option for people, let them choose. I have been using Adobe products since the 90’s and I have noticed how much they have changed. I do not believe HTML5 will completely replace flash one reason is because HTML5 is a markup language and not a plug in HTML runs the web. It is the built in canvas aspect along with javascript and css3 that will eventually do that job. Adobe should still win as DreamWeaver is the tool of choice for web developers and designers alike.

    I personally have an i phone have not missed Flash on it at all.

  4. I didn’t mind not having the Flash plugin on the iPhone either, but not having it on the iPad is really nonsense. Steve Jobs has made a couch computer, even in the initial launch presentation he was seated in an armchair demo-ing. This is exactly how I use the iPad, its clearly not a work machine, I can’t even really blog on it since its too slow to type and I can’t easily deal with posting images. So when I’m relaxing and just using the iPad on the couch, I’m usually surfing the internet like I would with my laptop, and to constantly see the broken Flash icon is getting infuriating. I find myself not wanting to do the one thing Steve intends this machine for. Like you say, people should be able to choose. Heck, Apple could leave Flash Player off Safari by default, but at least give us the owner an option to install it. Thats 100% reasonable.

    And my problem is with the spin doctors at Apple trying to accuse Adobe of being closed off. If Apple just said “hey its business, we want to make money off of you guys buying $1 to $10 apps instead of you going to a thousand Flash sites to play free games”, OR if they said “Ha,ha,ha, we can’t believe Adobe thought we would let a bazillion PC-based Flash CS5 developers make an Apple product!!” I’d respect that more than these publicists trying to say this is because Adobe has a closed platform and they don’t. Which is what that statement implies. We are open, they are not. Embrace us, blame them.

    But it sounds like you agree with me more than not. I love Apple products. I don’t have ANY thing by Microsoft here. Not even Word. But this time Apple has compromised my user-experience with what could be an awesome product and I believe it has to do with money and ego. I wouldn’t call that bashing the company though. They’ve made a bad decision for me, the iPad user.

  5. Great points Justin. Apple really is not doing anything different then they’ve done for many years. Apple has always been about control. They have built there company up and around it. I think what’s really going on is that Flash is a huge threat to the App store. Overnight Apple would lose a tons of money if Flash was enabled on the iPhone and iPad. It’s something they have known since day one. I really think at the end of the day this will end up hurting Apple. Especially since so many are on the march for freedom in the world. Steve Jobs is starting to really look a lot like Emperor Ming the Merciless. Crush the slaves and the evil Flash!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL!!!! : )

  6. inkiinki says:

    I do agree with you on most points Justin. I too am a Flash user and I have also brought quite a few of your lesson on flash animation which were very helpful.

    Yes “”Let The User Choose What They Want to See”, With This I Concur.

    Adobe has not always been a good partner though. I know that you are a Mac Power User. But there is a big difference in the quality of apps that are developed exclusively for a device or machine and those that are ported(FLASH is a very good example).

    So I can see both sides I am currently learning objective c as my work is now looking to develop for mobile devices. However I will primarily focus on learning how to develop really good mobile web apps so that they can run on any platform.

    Even Microsoft is embracing the changes as IE9 will support open standards HTML5,CSS3, and JavaScript who knew.

    I love flash so do not get me wrong was one of my favorite programs. I remember when only graphic artist, and animators used the program. Man that was a long time ago. The creative community help bring flash to the forefront and allowed many of us to have our first introduction to any type of scripting language that was not lingo or html. But times change so we have to change with them.

    It is funny because I hate coding would prefer to just illustrate all day as my background is in graphic art, illustration I minored in computer graphic design(multimedia and interactivity for web and desktop delivery) in grad school and I have been stuck in the field ever since. LOL Flash is not going anywhere any time soon as stated in my earlier post I personally believe that it will have a place within the web 3.0 diaspora. Video is the one true are I think it may lose out on and even that may take a very long time as no standard has been decided on and this may take years.

    Also I do not like the idea of anyone telling me what I can and cannot do with something I purchase. Still I have to much invested in Apple to just leave the platform. I really like that stuff works and works well.

  7. Cash says:

    If the HP Slate’s sales start to pass up the Ipad, Apple will enable Flash on the ipad the next day. I refuse to believe that it is as big a problem as Steve says it is. I’m betting all it will take is the removal of a few lines of code.

  8. I don’t think its a technical issue at all. My buddies phone runs Flash just fine, and just from the weight of it alone, I can tell its got nothing on the iPhone in terms of processing power.

    And the iPad has all the juice in the world to run Flash.

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