Strangest. Simpson Opening. Ever.

This beats out the couch-attack opening in high-strangeness, right?

This episode was actually pretty funny too. The last few episodes have been really bad, and I’ll usually try really hard to muster up some chuckles for the Simpsons. Anyone else think the writers are confused by the 4-act structure now? I’m sure some other blog has beat this question to death already, but there used to be 3 acts based on the commercial placements. Like three equal 7 or 8 minute chunks. Act 1 was pretty random, Act 2 was loosely triggered by the ending of Act 1 and 3 of course wrapped it up.  Now its like 8 minutes, 6, 5, and 4 or something. I haven’t actually timed it, and it probably varies anyway. I kinda doubt I’ll be buying the DVD’s of these later seasons, but I’m wondering if this 4-act structure will be obvious without the commercials. Maybe its still just 3 and the commercials are masking that. Something is off though.


3 thoughts on “Strangest. Simpson Opening. Ever.

  1. sprfrkr says:

    whoa! They showed that opening on tv? I could see some ppl getting all worked up over it.

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