Are you a Swedish hero yet?

If not, you probably will be soon. This is another one of those “hey I’m in that Flash movie” movies, but boy is it well done. Here’s mine (using my toddler’s picture to make it even sillier)….

It takes a while to load, but once you see how well integrated the photo is, you gotta try it too.

Quick Update: While you are reveling in the awesomeness of the piece above, my friend Jeremy just sent over a link to a Spiderman cartoon done with HTML5. See what you think =)


5 thoughts on “Are you a Swedish hero yet?

  1. Yeah really nice! I can see now why it will replace flash.. I mean common:)

    This all html5 vs flash subject is starting to be more then it actually is, html5 in the current state is like flash 3 back in 2000 but again I am not sure if it is a good comparison, not to mention that on IE8 which comes with windows7 the latest version of Microsoft Windows I see some random images that moves all over the place.

    I don’t say that it dose not have potential but comparing it now with flash is too much.Ok is not a plugin but what is the point if it will not work on most of the browsers, plus it will not work the same on all of them and god just thinking of codding in JavaScript makes me sick…

    I hope Steve Jobs will have some answering to do after all the bullshit that he said lately.I thought that Microsoft was the evil company, what happened?

  2. Yeah good for apple!

    I can’t think that apple is “the evil company” now they used to be so cool!
    I’ve said this before I lived about 20 years under communist rules in Romania and it was not fun, actually it was a nightmare, imagine being forced to do what they want you to do each day and if you don’t like it then “bad things will happen:)”, this is the road Apple is taking and for that I really hate it!

    I know that nothing will change and is all business because I feel like this but also I hope other people will notice what apple dose now and not to buy their products.

    We the developers are the core of this stuff so say NO to this crap!

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