Adobe heart Apple.

Well this is getting weird. Check out Adobe’s PR answer to their Apple problem…

Click to see the rest of the ad

You can read more at Cnet’s article on it… Feel free to hold hands with anyone sitting near you.


8 thoughts on “Adobe heart Apple.

  1. Posted (to my students) on my blog yesterday: You guys know how excited I am about CS5 and how much I love using Adobe’s products, but dang, if any of you drew such a pitiful heart, I’d send you straight back to the computer to fix it.

  2. I think Apple is evil at the moment and the new big brother, but in this case, Apple is doing to Adobe the very same thing Adobe did to Freehand users, not allowing users to choose which product they want to use.

  3. I’m sick of this subject. I don’t really care anymore is all about money and the developers are the one who suffers!

  4. Cash says:

    It is becoming more and more obvious that Apple has a lot of money rapped up in HTML5 being a big success. Follow the money.

  5. Dan says:

    The funny thing about Apple’s reply is that I’m not sure it’s criticizing Flash. It seems to equally criticize THEIR OWN hardware/software in the iPod, iPhone and iPad that is flash incompatible. If iPad’s don’t allow Flash is mocking Flash so show it not appearing – or is it mocking iPad’s limited view of the web?

    None of Apple’s arguments, even the ones that almost rise above infantile, make up for the fact that they are the ones restricting use, not Adobe. And their own critique of Adobe underscores their own restrictions.

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