My first Flash CS5 crash since using it!

3 weeks without a Flash crash is darn good actually. As usual though it was the simplest thing that made it go Ka-blewy. The F3 key. And darnit, I wasn’t even trying to Find Next. In my world, F3 is usually a hotkey for something else.

So anyway, is this crash report worth blogging about?! Yes and no. I’ve wanted to work with Flash CS5 for a few months, and on at least one real project before doing any kind of review. I’m very skeptical of software reviews that come out within the first few days or weeks of a launch. Generally they are just new feature reviews, and all that stuff is covered by Adobe and a bazillion other sites anyway.

I’m more interested in old feature reviews. What past functions have been changed for the better, and sadly, what good stuff has been F-ed with. And to be honest, there’s not a lot of new features in Flash CS5 anyway, so I’m doing my best to look under the hood for refinements.

I think the days of Flash crashing on save might be behind us. This was a huge problem on the Mac (maybe PC too) and fingers crossed, I think its been dealt with. The trade off though is the 3-4 seconds it takes to save. That drove me a little nuts at first because I hotkey-save so often, but I’ve gotten used to it. Now its just a reason to pick my nose.

Swf-size history is another nice addition. When you publish you can see the size of the swf, and how it compares to your past few builds.

One minor dis-improvement, but irksome for me recently, is that wireframes are showing up when I export an image. I have to fully lock every layer being masked before exporting, or else I get the wireframe in the image. Urg. Understand too, I rarely work in Photoshop for anything. Almost all my graphics work is with Flash, so I do actually export a lot of images from the program.

Anyway, this is NOT a full review. I still want to give it a while longer. But for anyone on the fence about this version (especially Mac folks), CS5 is definitely way more stable!


6 thoughts on “My first Flash CS5 crash since using it!

  1. CS4 crashed on pc too (on save, and on sometimes on editing inside multiple movieclips)

    To speed up the saving time, save your fla in CS5 Uncompressed Document (*.xfl). Later when the project is done you can save it in the fla format if you need it.

    The time it takes to save in the compress format is too much, giving the fact that I save every time I make a significant change, once every 1 or 2 minutes (when designing), and 3-5 times / minute when coding.

  2. Thanks Cosmin, thats a great idea. I played around with the XFL format a little bit, but not as a way of speeding up save time. And since you can save back and forth, why not.

  3. Tony says:

    I have owned my new iMac for 1 week and installed CS5 Master suite.
    Tonight, Flash has crashed on me twice while performing a copy and paste task (of a square!).

    Thanks for being here.

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