Toon Boom Animate: Character Design Package!

I’m running out the door right now, but I wanted to get a link up for this package as soon as I could. Its obviously NEW and kind of a first for CartoonSmart. Although we’ve had some free Toon Boom Animate lessons in the past this is our first real package product. Its a ton of fun, and although it is a pay tutorial series, the first 2 hours are free. More details right here


17 thoughts on “Toon Boom Animate: Character Design Package!

  1. Gregory says:

    Why does Paypal charge $15 and 2CO charge $20?

    Either way, I am sure it’s a great deal since everything that CartoonSmart produces is a great deal. But still, penny-pinching skin-flint that I am, just wondering why it’s more expensive on 2CO.

    I guess I’ll wait until I get the eMail announcement in case there are some bugs in the ordering software. But looking foreward to another great learning experience from CartoonSmart.

  2. Gregory says:

    Wow! A whole day went by!!!!!

    And I can’t wait any longer, so I spent the extra $5 and ordered it on 2CO.

  3. Doh, I always forget about 2Checkout. I need to set the price at $15 for them too. I’ll refund the $5 too. Thats easy.

  4. Gregory says:

    You should have kept the $5. This package is an incredible good deal. Really Great!

    I’ve surfed every location on the web with Animate tutorials, and this set is by far the best of the best..

    Thanks for another fantastic CartoonSmart learning experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gregory says:

    Okay, I’ve finished this series and ready for the next.

    Awesome tutorials. Thanks to both Justines. Justin Great Guru for making it happen and Justin Cook Animation guru for authoring the tutorial.

    Okay, what’s next? Are you folks going to produce another series? Animate2 does a whole lot more stuff that I don’t understand, yet.

    When is the next tutorial, huh? huh? when? is-it-ready-yet?, huh? Huh? nudge. nudge.

  6. Hello!!

    I’m really glad the tutorials are working out ok for everyone.
    They hopefully allow people to get creative straight off the bat and produce a good steady workflow for production in Animate.

    Hey Gregory, glad you enjoyed it!
    I’m working on new content now and hopefully have somethig new in the next few weeks. I’m thinking more drawing and maybe lip sync this time round!!!

    Have fun and keep drawing!
    Best wishes.
    Justin C.

  7. Gregory says:

    Justin Cook, great job. I hope you set up a wish list somewhere. Maybe on the ToonBoom Forum or on the CartoonSmart blog somewhere.

    I am really thankful to CartoonSmart for teaching me over the years how to animate in Flash. But as Justin-Big-Kahuna said, “Animate is where I thought Flash was heading when I started in Flash years ago,” or something to that effect which I can’t remember verbatim.

    Anyway, I put a lot of years into Flash and now that I’ve found Animate, I don’t want to use Flash anymore.

    But I have a ton of Flash assets that don’t move into Animate very well without redrawing them.

    So, could you please give some hints on the best ways to use the Library? how to save stuff for reuse and how to make it easy to move to another computer during crashes and upgrades? I don’t mind having to re-install the software, but it would be a bummer to lose my Library assets.

    What about the best ways to use bitmaps in Animate, like backgrounds versus vectors. Anyway, there’s a lot in the program so I am looking forward to your next tutorials. I doubt if you will run out of things to teach for a long while.

    Thanks again for your great work.

  8. JohnH says:

    Great TB Animate tutorial from JustinC, just what I needed. Look forward to others – well done.


  9. John says:

    A great follow-up would be a ‘basic’ animation tutorial showing how to use this character in a short. Followed by a good multi-plane/camera tutorial.

    Great work guys.

  10. Amer says:

    Hi, I had this page bookmarked, so I could by the tutorial for a birthday present (to myself), but now the price has gone up to $25 rather than the stated $15. The website still says “$15 is a Limited Time Discount Price!
    In two weeks this course will go up to its regular price of $35!”

    So, can I still buy this for $15?

  11. Oops that “2 Weeks” message should have been removed about 8 weeks ago. Good news is though, it’ll stay at $25 now (not $35)

  12. Walter says:

    Hi Justin,
    my son has done a 3 year course in 2d animation and was very interested in the toon boom animate character design package .Is there a way of downloading it or getting it on disk at a discounted price.Many Thanks.Walter

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