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Loyal Learners!

Brand spanking new tutorials and templates are here!

The first deep discount this month is on our first real Toon Boom Animate Package. This one covers Character Design and Illustration in general. Any version of Animate will be fine for the course. Its 8 hours and for ONLY 2 weeks, the price will be $15. This course is taught by Justin Cook! A new instructor that does a spot on British accent the entire time. Kidding, the accent is real. That discount is here.

Next up, John NyQuist returns with a 2 hour lesson on Blender and Second Life. So for all you people living in the Matrix world of Second Life, this lesson is perfect. You don’t have to already know Blender either, John gives a quick get-ya-started lesson for the program, then goes into the fun stuff of making custom clothes for your Second Lifer. That discount is here.

And Tibi has created an awesome new Album Grid template. This is probably my favorite one to date actually. Play around with resizing the example version, and tell me the math going on there isn’t brilliant. That discount is here.

Finally all the recent discounts are at the usual spot….

So what to do about this darn-pesky iPad and Flash!?!…

There’s a tutorial for that. I’m making it now, while I myself go through the annoying task of making CartoonSmart both Flash-friendly and iPad-friendly. And yes, there’s ways of doing so. Expect that tutorial as soon as my voice doesn’t sound like I have a sore throat. By the way, the front page of CartoonSmart is one of the few pages to be converted ¬†(UPDATE: See my comment in the Comments section about this switchover, it has less to do with the iPad and more to do with Flash’s height cap)

The Never-Ending-iPhone-Course…

My iPhone/iPad Game Development series has been updated with a lesson on creating Universal Apps (those that run for both device types). So thats Session 6 – Part 2, if you bought the course and didn’t receive an updated email link about a week ago, be in touch. And for those keeping track, the course is now around 17 hours and STILL only $35. And by the way, this course will have at least one more update.

Finally, do you need Web Design or Animation work??…

If so, contact my friend Andy at . He’s offered a special promotion to anyone reading this. $100 off jobs valuing around $1000. $300 off work valuing $2000, and 20% off any work over 3k. So that could be a big discount off development of your entire website or animation project.


9 thoughts on “CartoonSmart Newsletter for whatever today’s date is.

  1. john says:

    Surely this is the last nail in the coffin for flash, when the cartoonsmart site goes html :).

  2. I’ve seen too that. I have to say that I am really disappointed:(, as for flash either you like it or not is hire to stay!

  3. Well I was going to address some of this in the tutorial I’m working on, but long before the iPad came out I was planning to convert over to an HTML / Flash mix. I’ve even had the HTML mockup sitting around for a year.

    The main reason is that I’ve added so many products in recent years that I constantly run up against the 2800 pixel height limit of a Flash file. And the way things are setup now is that for each section like (AS3, Gaming, Animate, etc) I have a parent file which loads the children (what I call “load shelves”) of each product link. So after 6 or 7 of those, I have to create a second parent file, and stack that below the first. Then I’m looking at 2 parent files of 2800 pixels each in height. And if I fill that up, then a 3rd. Here on the Mac, there’s a noticeable scroll lag.

    The iPad has definitely been the catalyst for making me finally do this, but I’m still using Flash. There’s no way I’m converting every sales page. The menus are the big thing. Plus I’m planning more pages like this, where I embed the streaming tutorial from Vimeo…

    Which are obviously still Flash.

  4. john says:

    Is there no way you can detect the device that is looking at the site and then redirect to the appropriate page that has been setup for the device.
    Also have you not given yourself a headache using tables,
    wouldn’t it have been easier and more flexible using markup and css, it would also do away with seeing the empty table cells before the images load.

  5. Yeah I’ve got a device detect script on the site now. Although now that I’m converting things over, the mobile version and regular version just go to the same place. But detecting the device doesn’t solve my height problem and Flash running slow when I stack too much.

    There’s undoubtably a much better way of doing this, but I don’t mind the tables. Just cut and paste, swap images, repeat, rinse… I am familiar with this site… … and I probably should be doing something much fancier with CSS to save myself tons more work in the future. Oh well. Massive site changes just remind me of that classic line from the Godfather…. “These things have to happen every five, ten years, gets rid of the bad blood”

  6. Justin about the 2800 problem that can be solved with a as 3.0 custom scrollbar. I can help you with that if you want.

  7. If its a Flash scrollbar those don’t work so well here on the Mac. The scrolling doesn’t get triggered by the center mouse wheel which would drive me crazy.

  8. Hi. I finally became a paying customer, and I am downloading the Blender and Second Life tutorial at this very moment. The quality of Cartoon Smart tutorials and proven results made CS one the easiest and best investment decisions ever. Congratulations.

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