AIR to Android Update

Set your phasers for install. Adobe has released an extension for Flash CS5 that gives you the mighty power to export an AIR app for Android phones.  You just have to sign up for Adobe’s prerelease program, which is free though. And maybe it was just me, but to download the Extension, I needed to be using Firefox (Safari ironically had trouble downloading it).

I don’t have an Android device, but from what I can tell its not all that necessary. Granted I haven’t really tested this at all, but there’s an Android Simulator to test your apps with.  And I’m also not sure whether or not you have to be signed up for the Google Android developer program or not, but its only $25.

But once I get through with a swarm of other things, I’m all over this. Most of my students and readers have plenty of AS3 files, apps, games, just collecting dust and all these could be exported to AIR apps and sold in the Android store.

Oh and while we are kinda on the topic of Google, head over to their homepage today. Their logo is PLAYABLE!!! Seriously.


3 thoughts on “AIR to Android Update

  1. Henry.George says:

    Hi Justin,

    you wouldn’t happen to have the Flash CS5 Extension for Android still lying about on your desktop would you? The reason I ask is that they’ve taken it down from the Labs website now as there incorporating into the new Flash CS5.5, and I really need it! I’m developing an app for my dissertation and stupidly started it in Flash when I didn’t have the extension.. Any help would be great!

  2. I don’t actually. I looked for it earlier. And yeah, thats kinda shady that they pulled it and now you’ll undoubtably have to pay to get it back.

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