Oh why not, some Adobe – Apple news.

Maybe I’ve just been too busy to care, or maybe there just wasn’t much art or techgeek news that interested me this week, but its felt like nothing has come my way in the past few days worth posting up here. So for lack of anything else, here’s some Flash news….

Time Warner and Universal could care less about the iPad. Okay, overstatement. But they won’t be reworking their current Flash-friendly video libraries to support Apple. So score one for the rebels. That is, if you see Adobe as the rebels and Apple as the Empire in this situation. Or maybe they are both the Empire, which is how my 1.5 year old son thinks of Zurg and Darth Vadar. Definitely the same guy.


2 thoughts on “Oh why not, some Adobe – Apple news.

  1. This subject is starting to lose interest. Ok apple dose not support flash so what! Is not like apple is the WEB now , plus until now they did not had any competition to the iphone and ipad this is why they can do whatever they want, this has already changed with android phones and tablets.

    Tell me if this websites are not cool! A word to html5 lovers. When do you thing you will be able to do something like this in html5?


    And the list can go one for ever!
    I love flash and I will fight for it, I will not let Steve Jobs to decide for me whats good and whats not. Personally I will not buy any apple shit no matter what they do after what happen. I know that this not matter to apple but it matters to me!. I’m sure a lot of developers are on my side!

    Just to make it clear I don not hate HTML5 but right now it can compare with flash, is impossible to make a html5 website work on all devices.

    A long post well I can’t help it when it comes to this stuff, sorry Justing!:)

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