A New Contest! Win a copy of Animate Pro 2!

Its back! This is now our 2nd Toon Boom Animate Pro Contest.

The contest theme this time is (drum roll)….

“Recreate 15 Seconds of Your Favorite Non-Animated Movie”

YES, only 15 seconds, so this time its even easier to win, and even if you don’t, you’ll be creating something for your portfolio that is (hopefully) a recognizable and creative moment from a movie. Which everyone loves of course.

Like our previous contest, you must use Animate or the Free Animate Personal Learning Edition to enter.  And to enter all you need to do is upload your video here to Vimeo and add it to this group by August 2.

Here’s my suggestions…

  • Don’t go under 15 seconds. A little over is fine though if it finishes off a sentence or part of the scene, but don’t feel like doing extra time will score more points.
  • “Recreate” is a broad word. Meaning, you can either loosely recreate the scene, or you can strictly recreate it, even to the point of rotoscoping. Personally (and as a judge) I think the loose, more stylized interpretations will probably be more interesting, but I’m sure I can be persuaded otherwise too.
  • Unless you have a good reason not to, I think your piece will be most effective using the audio from the original movie. And us judges will probably “feel it” more with the original actors and music stings. You are obviously on your own though for capturing audio, but worst case, you can stick a mic in front of your TV or computer and capture 15 seconds like that.
  • When you upload the piece, be sure to tell us what movie the scene is from, just in case its not obvious.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions on the Vimeo Group forum. I’m one of 3 judges though, so my suggestions are just that.


17 thoughts on “A New Contest! Win a copy of Animate Pro 2!

  1. Lets stick to movies for now, and then we can do a TV contest next probably. Heck an all Battlestar contest would be fine by me =)

  2. JJ Parks says:

    Mortal Artist…a “Drum Roll” is simply the sound of a quickly moving light drum sound that is often played before an announcement is made. You see it a lot in TV shows (especially game shows) and award shows where they say and the winner is….*Drum roll plays* … and then they announce the winner 🙂 Hope that makes sense.

  3. I get that part, but does it have to relate to clip that is being animated. A scene of movie that portrays a drum role effect.. . Thanks though, I might skip this competition. :/) How can you recreate a movie scene, in a drum roll fashion? an example would be nice.

  4. Are you kidding?

    The contest theme is…

    “Recreate 15 Seconds of Your Favorite Non-Animated Movie”

    That and only that =)

  5. Woo let us be at ease, I just wanted to be sure that’s all. I’d rather have something on point, then something off. Also at the top you said “Recreate 15 Seconds of Your Favorite Non-Animated Movie” and a bit lower also you said“Recreate” is a broad word. Meaning, you can either loosely recreate the scene, ” Which is it, a scene or the entire movie? Hey not all of us are cartoon smart.. lol 😀

  6. Recreate is broad, but part of interpreting that will be what gets judged. You could do something like A Scanner Darkly and totally recreate a scene but in a rotoscope style, or you could parody a scene. Me personally, I would probably parody somehow. But you can really do whatever you want.

  7. James says:

    I think you should stick a 1 minute cap on it. It is will interesting to see people on timelimit.

    By the way I am in. I have rerecorded all the audio for mine. I suck at playing the organ though will need a little post processing.

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