Flash on 250 Million phones by 2012

So says Adobe! So say we all. Actually Engadget has more to say than me on this. Which isn’t much either. But their article did include this phone with Spongebob on it, and I’m totally stealing that for my article.

Anyway 250 million phones is a lot. And with so many people taking Flash with them, “on the go” so to speak, Adobe might want to consider renaming Flash Player  to something like Active Player. Then they can threaten ActiveDen.com to switch their domain name yet again… heh =)

Spongebob FlashPhonePants


3 thoughts on “Flash on 250 Million phones by 2012

  1. hunter says:

    well, guess this shows my point when i said that 2 million ipads were nothing to the millions and millions of phones AND internet sites that have flash, not too bad for a very insecure and non-stable program right jobs???

    BTW great to see you are not a fan boy justin, it´s good to see a mac user that is not another steve jobs zombie that only repeats what he says like a parrot.

    cheers dude!!!

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