Zipped versions of the free tutorials will be down today!

Hey gang, I got a few emails about this already. In our free section we have zipped copies of the tutorials to download. Well I think 1&1 realized I signed up for one of their cheapo plans just to use a slave for transferring those files. But serves ’em right for offering “unlimited transfers” because you know someone like me will have a light bulb over their head at that. And it only took about 2 years for them to realize it, but with all the new free tutorials I’ve been uploading, thats caught their attention and this latest newsletter probably lit up some flashing red light in their control room.

Anyway, I signed up for Amazon’s S3 storage thingie, so until I’ve gotten done uploading all that free stuff again, those will be broken links. Shouldn’t be more than a day though. And I’ve been toying with the idea of using Amazon for a while now for storage and delivery, so this should either be awesome or totally un-awesome when I get my bill at the end of the month for how much this transfer traffic will cost. My guesstimate is that it won’t be too bad, and that just means, MORE FREE TUTORIALS!!  < that link just goes to CartoonSmart. No biggie.


2 thoughts on “Zipped versions of the free tutorials will be down today!

  1. yeah dude, i signed up with 1and1 years ago after you recommended them but i’ve never used them extensively. i’ve heard they hire people overseas to monitor activity but its probably a rumor. I also too wanted a secure way to backkup my files with amazon s3 but it doesnt seem beneficial once you start adding up all the gigs of data. Ultimately, i went with the one big difference being theyre the only online backup service that offers public and private sharing of files.

  2. S3 has turned out to be surprisingly cheap. Paying about $10-$15 a month for a ton of storage and also the bandwidth in delivering to you guys the free tutorials. Not bad at all. I haven’t heard of myotherdrive though. I’ll check it out.

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