The Toshiba-iPad-Nintendo-DS-Xrta-Large

This Toshiba tablet is kinda cool (they should call it Tosh-E though), but I’m really posting this because of the interviewer. He has no problem using his hands in front of the lens, which is so rare, even in home videos, I find it really funny.  Also, he laughs a lot. Also, he clearly loves Flash as you’ll find out in just a moment…


2 thoughts on “The Toshiba-iPad-Nintendo-DS-Xrta-Large

  1. The double screen is indeed an original netbook. Yet once you taste Android for these mobile devices…. you give a second though going into windows unless is really mandatory, specific. Also. they did not “set the pricing” for the “limited version” a tablet running Android new on ebay is going for $60 (sixty dollars). Currently I am on a very Android state of mind….

  2. Yeah I’m definitely getting an Android-something soon. Just waiting for the right device. Maybe that Dell Streak. I just want something with the most recent operating system to test some AIR to Android stuff with Flash cs5

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