9 ways HTML5 will change the web

Alright, this is everyone’s most loved or most loathed topic here, but this is a good article on html5. Here’s a snippet to make my Flash crowd happy…

HTML5 will change many aspects of life on the Web. It will not displace Flash or Shockwave: One glance at the games on Miniclip.com, such as Jet Ski Racer, shows how much ground the HTML5 committee must cover. But HTML5 will still remake the Web and enable basic Websites to do much more — from tracking our location to storing more of our data in the cloud. HTML5 tags will displace plug-ins for simpler jobs, at least some of the time, and it will open up advanced capabilities to a larger audience. It might even make the Web more secure, more efficient, and more adaptable.

There’s much more to read, so head over and check it out (the last line is great).

Also two reminders. Flash Player 10.1 is available and FUTURAMA is on TONIGHT!!!


One thought on “9 ways HTML5 will change the web

  1. True the last line is fun:) … At some point ADOBE will make tools for html5 I think but they will not make them better then flash after all flash is their baby:)

    I see all this articles saying that html5 uses just on languge JS but they don’t mention one important thing, every browser out there implement it differently so in the end is a mess with all modern browser today, you will end up writing code for all the browser in a different way, if this is a web standard then we are all f… 🙂

    So far html5 is all talk nothing more, when and if the day will come to be reliable then I will give it a try , right now and in the near future 2 -3 years is almost impossible to make a complete functional website and to work on every browser out there… imagine where flash will be in 3 years!

    In my opinion html5 had a huge impact thanks to apple but it is a total mess…

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