Google Chrome and Flash get freaky

Well freaky in the sense that Chrome has Flash “enabled by default”. Awwwwww yeeah. So if you’ve downloaded Chrome, you’ve already got Flash ready, no more separate plug in updates. They have mated.  Which brings me to Chrome, and I should have mentioned this weeks ago….

Get it. I like it way more than Safari and Firefox on the Mac. Aesthetically and otherwise. Well, who cares what I like aesthetically. It does seem much faster than Firefox, and much much faster than Safari which at one time seemed like a quick browser to me, and now feels like the slowest. And by “feels” I mean, I see a lot of spinning color wheels waiting for Safari to figure out what to do with Flash or a YouTube video or whatever.

Here’s the best part though. Tucked inside Chrome are really handy developer tools. Hit up View > Developer Tools, then Enable Resource Tracking ( I only for the current session ) and then you get a plethora of tools for seeing what’s really going on behind the scenes (see the screengrab below).  And I do realize not everyone will start drooling over seeing how many milliseconds it took for a graphic to load or unmatched DIV tags,  but you can do some pretty cool stuff too. Its worth exploring if you deem yourself a web developer.

Plus Chrome has a ton of themes.  So if you look like a hippy, your web browser probably can too. My theme is none other than Late Night. It is black.


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