YouTube sticks with Flash

Thanks Tibi for pointing out this article buried somewhere’s on YouTube’s site. Its a great overview of why Flash still meets YouTubes needs beyond HTML5. Main points have to do with streaming, embedding, fullscreen video, cam and mic access, and content protection.

Also interesting, who knew there was a YouTube Rental store. And how do I apply??


4 thoughts on “YouTube sticks with Flash

  1. Yeah it appears that Steve Jobs is talking talking trash and finally the truth comes up.

    Lets not forget that the browsers still do not agree on a codec plus there are licensing stuff and lets not forget about Micorsoft 🙂 the idea is that html5 will never be as it should be “a web standard”! , and nothing will as long as so many companies have their one interest, after all the web is a huge business…

  2. Steve Jobs and Apple are definitely causing a problem with their obstinate refusal to support Flash on the iPhone and iPad. Either vast numbers of users of those devices will be left out in the cold, or more likely we will stall in a war of competing standards, neither of which can win a decisive share of the market. See as to why Jobs is wrong and Apple should back down (but won’t).

    SEM Sensei

  3. I don’t think its “Steve Jobs and Apple”, I think its just Jobs. I read when the iPad came out one of Apple’s lead guys wrote a letter to Jobs asking him to rethink it. I’m sure at the watercooler people are like “wtf is he thinking”. But hey, the guy won’t be CEO forever, right. Unless there’s an app for that. =)

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