Well, finally. Frash on the iPad.

This looks like Flash to me, although its being called Frash by whoever hacked this together. Watch in awe as someone wastes a portion of their time left on this planet at Newgrounds…

Just kidding, I’m not hatin’ on Newgrounds, but I do find it funny that whoever decided to demo this plugin chose that site to be their poster boy for what was missing from the iPad without Flash. Although maybe it is a great example, because N.G. is the king of Flash gaming portals and exactly the type of site that will take a bite out of cheap App sales.

Here’s some info about it from some other source than me…

Frash is originally an adobe flash plug in that was released for the Android phones recently. You can use flash in the mobile Safari browser of iPad with Frash. Frash is still in its unstable form but it will soon be ready and Apple will have to find some other excuse for not running flash on iPad and iPhone.

And yeah, you gotta jailbreak your iPad, so this plugin really isn’t much threat to the Apple-verse. The kid in that video just dunked his iPad in water as far as the Genius Bar is concerned. “Sorry warranty expired, don’t let a giant cardboard iPod kick you in the butt on the way out”.


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