Flash ups the 3D ante again

Okay, this is some fun news for Flash folks. Or at least a juicy teaser of news to come. You can read more here, but short story shorter, Adobe will be showing off some new 3D API’s in October at the MAX conference. Which will hopefully be an epic reboot of the existing 3D in Flash, which can barely be called 3D.  Mind you there’s a z-depth but it doesn’t take precedence over your layers anyway. Its very strange.

Anyway, good things on the horizon hopefully!


3 thoughts on “Flash ups the 3D ante again

  1. Cal says:

    I know this will probably an unpopular comment but I would much rather adobe worked on making Flash player more efficient. I know it’s not to bad on Windows but on Mac it still seems slow and to take up a lot of CPU. I’m not complaining about new features though…

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