Office Bods Preview

Just wanted to show off this sketch from Justin Cook who is prepping some character templates for Animate. The first theme will be “Office Bods”. Looks fun, right…


4 thoughts on “Office Bods Preview

  1. Gregory says:

    They look kind of vanilla flavored. I guess trying to appeal to a mass audience does that. Not a lot of character in those designs.

    I am interested in more tutorials, but thanks to the tutorials you’ve already produced, I already know how to draw my own charatcers.

  2. Justin says:

    These are a ‘simplified’ style set of characters for those who struggle with drawing their own characters or simply don’t have the time, and just want to get animating.

    Down the line, there will be more sophisticated styles along with different themes.

    More tutorials on the way in the next few weeks!!!

  3. Gregory says:

    Thanks Justine(s). I look forward to more tutorials.

    And if you have any already rendered characters that have some cool tricks applied (shading, FX and fancy gradient work) that I will have to buy and take apart to see how you did it, then I am interested in those, too.

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