Animate Walk and Run Cycles Tutorial, and Deep Linking Template 2

Hey gang, most of you on the subscriber list got this news already yesterday, but I wouldn’t be doing my job right (or at all) as lead and only marketeer at CartoonSmart without mentioning this here on the blog. But here goes…


First up a fantastic Walk and Run Cycle Tutorial for Toon Boom Animate, which includes 3 different cycle tutorials and each has start and finished files with some excellent character artwork that you are welcome to modify and use in your own projects. This lesson is taught by the great Justin Cook (, and when I’m not cracking the whip to get him to make new stuff for you guys, is available for hire as animator or illustrator (I’m kidding about the whip-cracking, I use a mace)

And master template author Tibi ( has released another fantastic Deep Linking Template for Flash (#2 now) This one includes a video player, the usual awesome image gallery and much more. All with unique links to each section within the Flash file, which is all the rage now.

And I mentioned this on the newsletter, but if you have something fantastic to teach for Adobe, the web, mobile-related, or just darn good design,  feel free to contact me.

Back with more stuff very soon!


8 thoughts on “Animate Walk and Run Cycles Tutorial, and Deep Linking Template 2

  1. Gregory says:

    Another great tutorial. Thanks a lot. This is a very educational series of tutorials you Folks are producing.

    You guys are empowering even ordinary fans like me to produce professional quality cartoons with Animate.

    Even a complicated program like Animate seems easy when it’s explained properly. Thanks for your teaching!!!

    Great videos!!!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    I also like very much the tutorials. I have a question is it possible to export the assets that have been created in ToonBoom Animate Pro as a vector file? So that I can make a promotional materila such as posters etc.?

  3. Joseph says:

    Thank you Justin, I think this would be a good blog post on how to do that. Because I have seen several people on the net trying to solve the same question. I know it is done somehow through SWF file, but I just do not know what to do with it in Flash.
    Thank you

  4. Justin C says:

    Export the image from Animate as a swf.

    Open Flash and create a new document

    Then ‘import to stage’ the image you exported from Animate.

    Then from Flash go: File – Export Image – (here you can select the name and file output you want) Select ‘Adobe Illustrator’ in the ‘save as type’ field.

    And save.

    Open up Adobe Illustrator and open up the newly saved file and you should have a nice vectorised file to play with!!!

    Hope that helps!

  5. JohnH says:

    I’ve just watched the vids – excellent as every. These will all build into an invaluable library of ‘how to’s’.

    Keep up the good work guys.


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