So many great contest entries!

And they just keep rolling in!  Now with the contest coming to a close, I’ll start to post up some of these great animations on the blog since I’ll assume they are finished. Lets do 3 a day so as to not overload ya.  And for new readers to the blog, the contest was to animate a recreation or re-imagining of 15 seconds (or more) of your favorite non-animated movie using Toon Boom Animate…

Awesome Alex! You nailed the light saber effects.

Also awesome. And thanks Ross, I’ll be saying “this is Sparta” all day now =)

Light on the animation, but definitely very funny. Adult Swim should hire you Aaron to do this for the whole movie.  Thanks.

More will be posted all week!


3 thoughts on “So many great contest entries!

  1. Alex says:

    I finally made it on to the Cartoonsmart Blog woohoo!
    That is a sub-prize in itself. Yeah things have heated up over on Vimeo. Very excited to have been part of this!

    Justin C (assuming Justin cook) I just watched your walk cycle tutorials, Great use of that HAMMER to Nail it! Outstanding tutorial my friend.

  2. Justin C says:

    Hi Alex.

    Thanks for the compliment. Means a lot to know it’s helping people out with Animate and that you also enjoy them too.

    Plenty more to come!!!!

    Best of luck with your entry! =)

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