“Don’t forget to share”

I don’t want to spoil this, just trust me when I recommend you watch what’s here…. http://www.youtube.com/expendables

Keep your eye on the related videos.


5 thoughts on ““Don’t forget to share”

  1. Oh my god this is really impressive! First I thought wow this is not flash because it seam a normal youtube player interface but then I’ve noticed that is flash:)

    Even the comments are in flash … I guess youtube can be build on flash LOL

  2. Gregory says:

    Okay, great Justine Kahuna,

    Are you going to teach us how that was done or leave us igorant ?

    That was amazing.

  3. Well that whole page was pretty much the swf, so there isn’t much to that other than some flvs and a fake YouTube backdrop.

    The more impressive sneak-Flash-in ads to me, are the ones that have multiple swf’s and span over and across standard html. Now I could do a full lesson on that, but its something thats been covered in the Dreamweaver tutorial. In many cases, just a CSS Div layer and a transparent swf (or two or three layers / swfs)

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