And the winner is…

The Princess Bride by Dan Shuta.

Dan, c’mon down and pick up your prize! You’ve got a shiny new copy of Toon Boom Animate PRO waiting for ya. I’ll email you in just a moment.

For second place, The Big Lebowski by Squishy. I’ll email you in a moment too to discuss your winnings.

And third place was a tie between Coffee & Cigarettes – Pawel Krupski  and Gladiator – by Alex Rodriquez Fernandez . And I’ll email you guys too in just a second.

Also I know everyone that participated will be interested in how the voting brokedown so I’ll post some more notes on that in the Vimeo forum.

Congrats ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Alex Fernandez says:

    Congratulations to Dan, I Guessed it right! A bit surprised that my long forgotten Gladiator (the first entry) was up there, but …. you never know what the judges like or are looking for!

    Once again, terrific Job Dan you deserve it!

  2. John says:

    Well done to all – It’s been an excellent learning curve for us newbies and show the standard we need to reach.

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