Another student makes it to the App store!

Congrats to Luke Galloway, for getting his Gaps app into the iTunes store (free). He’s got an iPad version too (only 99 cents) .  And my offer still stands to mention every app a student of mine gets into the store, so please don’t forget to email me once your app gets approved by Mr. Jobs. Typically that process takes about a week or so, depending on how busy he is.

Also this is a good time to mention that my 17 hour iPhone video tutorial series is now a 19 hour course, and it tis done! The final project sets up the foundation of a Street Fighter-inspired app, using Gesture Recognizers to control the character. Jump, punch, kick, etc all done through gestures (1,2, or 3 finger swipes, taps, etc).  If you bought the course in the past, you’ve already got download links for the new course. And gesture recognizers are supported in iPhone OS 4.0 or on the iPad.


5 thoughts on “Another student makes it to the App store!

  1. Hey Thanks for the shout out – much appreciated, I’m working on an update for the iPad app, as well so expect the features that were released in the iPhone version to be available soon on the iPad 🙂

    Once again thanks.

  2. Jason Van says:

    Congratz Luke, wish I could make it to the app store one day.

    I got one quick question regarding the iphone game development tutorial. Which version of xcode is the tutorial taught in? Cause the newer version of xcode has that ES1Renderer class and other stuff, just want to know if thats the version of xcode that you guys are using, thank you.

  3. All versions from XCode 3.1.2 to 4-something (whatever the latest is right now) . But honestly the newer stuff in 4, for the most part isn’t going to be taught in any basics course. Gotta crawl before you can walk. But on the way, you can start making some easy games that pay a few bills. I’m making around $500 a month off two games. One is a dollar to download, the other is an in-App purchase of $3. And everything in those games is what I’d consider “basic”.

    And Luke I meant to tell you, set that Gaps game to a $1. At least for a couple weeks. And the iPad to $2. Just see what happens. Those changes are almost immediate too (no waiting for approval) so do some experimenting if you haven’t already.

  4. Jason Van says:

    Thanks for the heads up, its just that I tried to follow tutorials from other sites and when i open up the opengl template in xcode it has new classes like ES1Renderer and some of its methods have changed (I am using xcode 3.2.3). Due to this I have trouble following the tutorials since I am a beginner. Just don’t want to have trouble following the iphone game development you guys have, so asking before i purchase it.

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