New iPhone Mapkit tutorial and Caricatures Tutorial!

The two Justin’s have new lessons available!

I dusted off my mic and taught a new iPhone/iPad tutorial covering the MapKit and how to overlay images on top of it which will move relative to the map as it updates. Which is basically the “secret sauce” in the Zombie Air Strike app I released a few months back.

Next up, Justin “The Cook” Cook offers up a meaty 4 hour lesson on Caricatures. These were all illustrated in Toon Boom Animate, but his instruction transcends software, so even if you’re just using pen and paper, you’ll dig this lesson.

As usual, they are temporarily cheapened to keep more dollars embiggening your wallet


4 thoughts on “New iPhone Mapkit tutorial and Caricatures Tutorial!

  1. Gregory says:

    Those caricatures were really great. Top quality techniques at a great tuition price. Well drawn and well explained. Much thanks.

    But I find it a bit strange that if you are going to draw them in ToonBoom Animate that you don’t also demonstrate how to rig the faces for animation. That’s a bit curious, isn’t it? Although the same drawing techniques can be used in any and all drawing applications, why use ToonBoom if you aren’t going to animate what you draw?

  2. We just taught an entire course on lip syncing, so to re-teach that again in this course wouldn’t have made sense. This is simply a Caricatures drawing tutorial. And it could be viewed and learned from with any program really.

  3. I pretty much use Animate even if I’m creating static artwork for projects so it’s an added bonus that I could animate these artworks from within the same program later on down the line if I want to. It’s a great all in one solution for my workflow.

    I’ve found the drawing tools in Animate personally far more comfortable to use than other programs so for all my character design work I use Animate now even if it’s just a static design for the portfolio.

    Hope that helps.
    Glad you enjoyed the course though and look forward to seeing any artwork you create.

    All the best.
    Justin =)

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