There’s a god game genre?!

Thats news to me after watching this game trailer…

Looks like a pretty cool game for a Life Science class, what with all the action packed eroding going on. I want my character to be a volcano. I would slowly ooze up on so many natives that came by.


5 thoughts on “There’s a god game genre?!

  1. Adam says:

    The god game genre really started with the old 1989 Bullfrog game Populous. Classic game., games like Black & White fall into the genre as well. The video looks cool.

  2. Yeah your right those Sim games are definitely little god games. I think I played the very first one 20 some years ago. Its hard to believe I could probably program a game of equal quality now. Or at least in color. I’m not positive but those early computer ones might have been black and white.

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