Code Cheat Sheets!!

Alright, here’s my kind of non-video-based learning: cheat sheets. And this site has plenty. They take user submitted cheat sheets and users rate the best. Which really is a fantastic idea for a site. Its like Am I Hot or Not for homework.  So there’s a whole variety of approaches to remembering that one thing you never can. And if you have a printer, you can print a ton out, paste them on the walls and start making abstract connections among them to uncover elitist conspiracies… (seriously do that, you’ll find something)

Also I’ve mentioned this before here, but  I’m still using a fantastic app called Snippet for remembering code. Worth checking out if you’re on a mac.

Now of course nothing beats high definition video training . Ughghh (Krusty groan). Its shameless I know, but hey, I gotta work on my SEO some of the time here.


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