Some dude makes 10k a month off an Android app

Okay, here they come. The first (I’ve read) of many inevitable articles to come about dudes or dudettes making serious coin off Android apps. Check it out, and shed a quiet tear that this isn’t an article about YOU. I know I did, which is why I’m gonna move onto something less sad, but also very sad…

I just read about this cabbie in NY that got knifed. He lived, and I know there’s far worse crimes that go unmentioned here, but this hits home a little because I lived in NYC for 4 years and always had a great time talking with cab drivers. Its a tough business to be in, and from what I gathered it was like an indentured servitude where these guys come over here and don’t realize how little they’re gonna make.  Also I’m a School of Visual Arts grad, and I’m embarrassed that the kid who stabbed this driver was attending SVA. Now, many SVA students ARE crazy, but not hate-crime crazy. I don’t want to be the old guy that blames the violence of the young on scary  druggggs, but dagnabit, that might explain something like this. Is there a stabby new drug or what? And if so, where’s Robocop already.

In better news, I’ve got some fun stuff to show off later today. So stop back by later. We can tell Robocop stories in the comments section.


12 thoughts on “Some dude makes 10k a month off an Android app

  1. Gregory says:

    So, why is it that when a white guy mugs a colored guy then it’s a “hate crime” but when colored illegal aliens mug a white guy then it’s just “unfortunate”?

    Why is it that Muslims, whose religion commands that all non-Muslims should be killed, are even allowed entry into the United States?

  2. ekamilia says:

    There’s no such things we Muslims command to kill non-Muslims, if you’ve ever heard such thing, it’s an extremist in religion.

  3. Gregory says:

    ekamilia, Muslims are liars. The only difference between a “moderate” Muslim and an “extremist” Muslim is that the extremist wants to kill non-Muslims immediately while the moderate Muslm will wait and kill non-Muslims later. All Muslims are liars. Islam is a false religion that promises Paradise in the future in exchange for murder, rape and arson in the Present. I used to be a Muslim but quit when I found out what lying hypocrites all Muslim are. I’ve read the Qur’an twice. Don’t tell your lies to me, you liar.

    The Muslim lie, they call “Al-Takeyya” and is the principle that Islam permits Muslims to lie anytime that they perceive that their own well-being, or that of Islam, is threatened.

  4. I respect your opinions Greg, and I’m not deleting them because you are entitled to them here or anywhere, but lets be real, nobody gets persuaded by anyone else’s opinions online. Politics, religion, health, sex, all that stuff is too personal to be debated in comment boxes.
    If you’re straight, imagine if someone tried to persuade you to go gay with a bunch of online comments. It ain’t happening. If you want to persuade someone of something, buy them dinner, sit with them for a few hours and discuss it. Thats how one side comes over to another.

    Online comments just show what side the commenter is on. And nobody is keeping score.

  5. Gregory says:

    You’re right about persuasion, Justin. But people base their opinions on facts as well as upon lies that they believe are true. So, when people tell lies, they do so to persuade. It is immoral to tell lies but it is even more immoral to not oppose lies when they are told.

    I am not trying to persuade anyone, merely stating the facts in the face of Muslim lies. No Muslim has ever won a debate with me because I tell the truth and present them with their own lies from their own scriptures.

  6. ekamilia says:

    brother Gregory,
    the principle ”Al-Takeyya” you tell just now is belong to Syiah sects. Syiah is not muslim (the usually live in Iran-Ahmad nejad etc.), but they always lie to whole people claiming they are Muslim. I think you have studied Islam under wrong ‘cult’, that’s why you have that idea.
    I’m Singaporean muslim, and i love my non-muslim friend, I don’t know whether you are Christian, Jews or Atheist, but we love Jesus Christ, Moses, Adam similar to Christianity because we believe they are the prophet.

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