Anyone have a great CMS gallery template?

I’m looking for a non-Flash gallery template thats fairly easy to be updated since its for a friend of mine’s dad. He’s got an iPad so I want something for his site that he can also use with the iPad, hence no Flash. So I’m interested in anything you guys have. Just pop a link in the comments section. If its a free template, awesome. If not, I’d love to know where you bought it from so I can get a legit copy. Long story short, I over-indulged on wine at my friends house a couple years back, a couch got ruined, and I still owe his dad a website makeover.

And speaking of over-indulgence, anyone see last Sunday’s Mad Men? If you’re involved in anything “creative” you should   be watching that show. No, need to be watching it. Go to OnDemand, find episode 407 and start there. Its okay, you can jump in anywhere. Here’s a great clip from the last show, (all you need to know is they work for an ad agency and are stuck on an idea for an ad)…

(sigh, there’s a commercial from Slim Jims or something in front, hang with it )


5 thoughts on “Anyone have a great CMS gallery template?

  1. SandGlow says:

    Justin- Not sure if you have found what you are looking for by now…but this is one I have used and loved how versatile and slick it was- and the price is VERY reasonable (It has iOS support now, as well). So if you haven’t settled on one, check this out-

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