And following Apple’s announcement, Adobe unleashes new Air tool…

Oh boy. Here comes the real power of Air and Actionscript 3. Watch the video below with Christian Cantrell from Adobe or read more here, but here’s the summary: Air will now take your Actionscript project, and use that as the core code for an app which can run on an Android device, iPad, iPhone, Desktop (windows, mac, or Linux),  and inevitably more to come. And apparently you don’t have to do anything code-wise to support each of those various devices or operating systems. Which has been true before with AIR, but adding to that list the iPad and iPhone is pretty major.

And remember people, your job isn’t to love or hate a particular device or company that makes that device. Your job is to make MONEY. Repeat, mooooooonnnnnnneyyy.  I read all the comments that come through this blog, and I know there’s been plenty of hatin’ on Apple for the chastity belts they strap on their i-devices, but if you really want to stick it to Apple, make an awesome app and grin big every time you see a deposit in your bank account which says “APPLE” on it.

And of course if your AS3 is rusty, CartoonSmart has you covered with tutorials!  =)


8 thoughts on “And following Apple’s announcement, Adobe unleashes new Air tool…

  1. Ernie says:


    I want to learn this!!

    I know AS3 but now need to figure out Air!?!?

    Are you gonna be doing some Tuts on this Jay???


  2. Cal says:

    Are you going to make any new tutorials using the new air tool? Also now that this is out will you continue to use xcode or will you go back to using AS3/flash?

  3. Jay says:

    Sense i am on a windows platform i have not been able to get my self into the app development business for i phone and apple.

    Are you doing some tutorial for app in android?
    Tutorials on Air?

    Also Justin what is the benefit of developing an app in AS instead of Java…I was looking for some books and help and it seems that majority of the Android apps are done in Java


  4. I definitely won’t be messing with Java. For me, it’ll either be AS3 or XCode. And from here on that’ll probably depend on what AS3 can do vs XCode. Remember there’s going to be a lot of things that AS3 can’t support (at least for a little while). That Adobe guy demo is a pretty simple game, but nothing that involves location, accelerometer, bluetooth, and so on. Which I’m sure Adobe is busy working on supporting, but will take time.

    And I’ll definitely do something soon with AIR, but in the meantime, go to your Flash CS5 Publish Settings for Flash, find AIR 2 in the pulldown menu, and customize the export. Publish and you’re done. This isn’t a whole new thing you need to learn, its basically just another publishing format. Check out all the options that are already in the Publish Settings. Some interesting stuff, and more to come with an update probably.

  5. I am definitely a noob, but the simple app I made and deved on my iphone today uses accelerometer. (Totally cool evolution for my flash skills!) And I believe it already supports location and the camera too. But I may be off on such details.

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