Adobe teams up with CTU to make crispy images

So easily my biggest movie and TV complaint is when the techie guy zooms in on a photo or video, it gets all pixellated, and then someone else in the room is like “can you clean that up”. The techie pushes a classic arcade-style button under his desk, and magically its a crystal clear image. For years the show 24 was easily the biggest offender, and if I remember right, in a later season they even mocked themselves some in an episode where they couldn’t clean up the image. I guess my handwritten complaint letters to the producers were read after all. Your own blood makes a good ink by the way.

But now thanks to Adobe, some fiction can be more believable if you can believe the image was shot with one of these cameras in the video below.

It doesn’t pay off much until the very end when you see a hint of what’s possible. Up till then it looks like a fly eye view of the image, which I guess is the future of photography. Emphasis on “future”, I don’t want to see any TV shows where a liqour store security camera just happens to use some new million dollar lens.

And WordPress please, I know how to spell liqour , don’t underline that in red.


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