New Isometric Pixel Art Tutorial!

Alrighty, a CartoonSmart first! A real isometric pixel art tutorial. And I wish I could say I birthed this one into the digital world, but all I did was tell the instructor, René Hernández, to do the thing he does best. Immediately below is a link to check out the tutorial details and I also want to show off  some of his portfolio work below.

And I’m doing something a little different this end o’ month, I’ve got 3 other things coming out this week, so I’ll blog about one or two a day, then announce it all again in the usual new-stuff newsletter. Other things ahead are, more Toon Boom Character Packs (Zombies!), another of Tibi’s amazing templates, and a massive package of royalty free vector art pack (its got over 500 pieces and it won’t break the bank)!

Below are some pieces from Rene’s portfolio at , I think you can see why I called in a specialist!


10 thoughts on “New Isometric Pixel Art Tutorial!

  1. Hmm, I set the volume about what the lessons usually are. Are you just going through the internal computer speakers. I think if you had headphones or external speakers, you’ll be fine.

  2. Great tutorial! My only critic would be that after a while René seems to forget to think out loud and explain in details. Escpesialy the part about expanding the roof could be explained in more details I think.
    Took me hours to get that part, but perhaps that says more about me.

    As said, the tutorial is awsome, only saying this to perhaps improve future videos.

    Sure hope there will be more videos on Pixel art from René Hernández. Like how to make scenery like cars, trees etc

  3. beaty1961 says:

    I too had a problem with the sound, but I managed.

    Great tutorial – would like to see more. But my greatest disappointment was when I went to the Cartoon Smart forum to discuss some of the techniques – apparently the forum no longer accepts registrations!

    I particularly wanted to know how you make your pixel drawings suitable for print (300dpi+)? – Is it as simple as starting your drawing in 300dpi in Photoshop?

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