New Template! Greatest Ever? You Decide!

Okay I  have a tendency to announce things as “the greatest thing, since the last thing”, but I am really impressed with Tibi’s latest work (his website btw, is here).  If God made Flash templates (directly) this latest piece of his would come close to matching that. And this template actually has two variations included for the same price. One with and one without a Paypal cart. So if you’re selling prints of your photos or artwork, viewers can add whatever image they are seeing to the cart, and checkout. All you need to do to set things up is give the template your Paypal email address. That simple.  And prints are just one idea, you can sell anything. Jump below to check out more details or view the actual template in action here.


One thought on “New Template! Greatest Ever? You Decide!

  1. john says:

    I think you might be right, It is a Supper Sweet Template.
    Have you ever asked him to do any lessons, maybe he could fill the flash training void that’s been left in CartoonSmart. 🙂

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