Another Preview! AS3 Terrain Tutorial

Alright! CartoonSmart has the great John Nyquist back for some new Blender, no wait, make that Actionscript 3 Tutorials. His first for the site. Click the image below to see a preview of what he’s going to teach.

Here’s what John has to say about this latest tutorial (one of many too)…

Make your own battlefield!

Coming soon…Strategy Games in ActionScript 3

I’m developing my first ActionScript 3 course for It is on creating a strategy game. It’s not just a cookbook lesson, I am teaching concepts that can be carried forward to other languages/frameworks. In it you’ll learn about:

  • Terrain generation: Learn how to create your own randomly generated maps with the BitmapData class and without.
  • Pathfinding: Ever wonder how A* pathfinding works and how to integrate it into a game? I’ll take you step-by-step through the process.
  • Statemachines: With state machines you’ll be able to give your objects some easily extendable behavior.

Along the way, you’ll also go from learning how to deal with bits, all the way up to how to use some common design patterns

To the left is an example from the terrain generation segment. With it you will be able to create random worlds for your game. The controls are:

  • Age Map: Slide to the left to make the land areas on the map have much rougher edges, to the right to soften the bodies.
  • Water Height: To the right raises the water (less land) the left lowers it.
  • Tile Size: The scales the tiles. Each tile in this example is a 3 frame MovieClip, randomly choosing a frame when it loads.
  • New Map: Create a new map, it will retain the above settings.
  • Map Width: Alter the number of tiles wide the map is. This will generate a new map.
  • Map Height: Alter the number of tiles high the map is. This will generate a new map.



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