Zombie Bods are Finally Here!

Take a look at these beauties! And uglies. Once again, the great Justin Cook has delivered an awesome collection of Toon Boom Animate character templates. These come fully rigged for animation and have plenty of body parts to swap through, including “normal” and “zombie” modes. Plus there’s tons of mouths for lip syncing, and each character has their own weapon. So for you animators that just want to animate, these are ready to go for ya!  Each character comes with 2 project files, one with the character in zombie form and looking normal, a demo video of each character’s swappabled parts, and exported versions of the vector art in an .fla and a PNG file.  Check ’em out further by clicking below!

6 thoughts on “Zombie Bods are Finally Here!

  1. goldlider says:

    Justin, I’d like to know whether you are going to issue video tutorials to draw characters in Flash ? I’ve noticed lately that you prefer to draw uniquely in Toon Boom.

  2. Well there’s already quite a few on the site, but I am leaning toward Animate as the program for drawing and animating and Flash being the program you use for other stuff, like app development, games, site design, etc. But I can always talk to Justin Cook about doing some new Flash drawing courses too. I think he’d dig it.

  3. ann says:

    Hey Justin!
    I am curious if you plan on doing a Atmosphere Animation Package
    for toon boom like you did for flash =)

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