Royalty Free Ray Gun Vector Art!

The convoy of awesome vector art keeps on rollin’. This week we’ve got those Ray Guns I’ve been mentioning over and over again here on the blog. And as a special treat if you jump over to the sales page, you’ll notice a big ol’ Free Sample button, to get one of the guns below for free. I’ll leave it a mystery as to which. Oh wait, the Free Sample button gives which away. Anyway, check it out. I think these will be a great addition to somebody’s current or future apps or projects. I know I’m thinking of what I can do with them. And hey they are only $10 for the time being, so even if you don’t have an idea right now, its worth snatching them up on the cheap!


One thought on “Royalty Free Ray Gun Vector Art!

  1. Hey man, I first started buying your tutees on Flash in 2004 ; my first foray into web design!

    I’ve not bought any for a few years now but always keep upto date with your site etc; don’t have the time now as I set up a web design business right off the back of your tutes and it’s been my career since.

    Whilst I specialise more now in web marketing and search I see CartoonSmart as the biggest learning experience I’ve had with regards web, and wouldn’t have the business I have today if it wasn’t for Justin’s personal email support and tutes – so my man I thank you immensely!


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