Who downloaded the latest Flash CS5 extensions?

It took me till yesterday to finally download the latest Flash CS5 update with the iPhone packager. It was posted on Oct 11, so if you haven’t visited Adobe Labs since then, its worth updating.  I’m getting pretty excited.

And here’s a short video I found on Vimeo about switching your Flash iPhone project over to the Android export settings…


4 thoughts on “Who downloaded the latest Flash CS5 extensions?

  1. Cool stuff but for building an actual web site like we have on PC how it will work, in the end we will have to do more then one version of the site or one crappy html version that will work on every device.

    In my opinion the web just got mega complicated and us developers will suffer for it 🙂 , I mean what kind of experience can you have on a phone is a nightmare tu surf the web on a 640×480 screen and this is a good resolution…

  2. I invested like a few days trying to develop android with flash for a top paying client. crashed, non stop no matter what. I finally gave up, and I am still working with CS4 to this very day. Refusing the CS5 upgrade.

  3. I would like also to endorse The Cartoon Smart tutorials I downloaded and the ones I paid for, where one of the best computer investments I did ever. I really would like a private chat with you some time, even if I had to pay.

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